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5000 PSI Red PA Turbo Nozzle

5000 PSI Red PA Turbo Nozzle

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5000 PSI Turbo Nozzle
  • Try a Turbo Nozzle for Extra Pressure Washing Power

    Pressure washers are great. You turn them on and water comes gushing out, washing away all the accumulated filth and grime from whichever cherished piece of equipment or real estate you are cleaning. Sometimes though your pressure washer doesn’t quite cut the mustard, so what can you do?

    One thing you can do of course is get a bigger pressure washer. This is not always the most practical solution to the problem as you may only need some extra power for a short time, which hiring or buying another machine does not warrant. Another thing you can do is give up and hope that no one notices that stain on your driveway, which you are sure doesn’t look as bad as you first thought. The answer to this problem, as with many other problems, is a gadget.

    What is a Turbo Nozzle?

    A turbo nozzle fits on the end of the pressure washer cleaning lance and creates a straight pencil jet which is spun to create a conical shaped water jet. This applies the force of the water more directly to the surface being cleaned giving extra cleaning power to remove the stubborn stains. The advantage of the turbo nozzle is that if it is only needed occasionally, it can be removed when normal cleaning is required.

    Turbo Nozzle Uses

    The turbo nozzle is great for areas where there is a heavy build up of dirt. For instance in the agriculture industry mud is ever present and removing it from machinery and floors presents a significant problem. Because of its directional water jet the turbo nozzle ensures that caked on deposits can be loosened and removed more easily than would otherwise be possible. Equally in other industries floor cleaning can be problematic and the added power of a turbo nozzle can help to keep floors and grounds clean. It is also good for cleaning facades and the exteriors of buildings generally.

    Whenever you need more cleaning power it is worth giving some thought to a turbo nozzle attachment.

    When using a Turbo nozzle caution should be taken not to damage the surface being cleaned.